Fight flight causes, not refugees:
Against war, poverty and Fortress Europe!

In the last weeks once again refugee boats capsized on the shores of the Italian island of Lampedusa. That the mainsttream media is reporting intensively about this, is an exception.
All the time people die on the coast lines of Europe. People who trie to escape from wars, poverty and starvation. But instead of helping this refugees, the EU endows its border army of Frontex with more money and intensifies the exploitation of the global south, profits from wars and the deportation industry continues to boom.

We are indignated about this!
We are indignated, that refugees often are denied any aid!
We are indignated, that refugees are forced to live unter inhuman conditions and are exposed to state repression!
We are indignated about state racism and constantly discrimination against them!

We demand:
* Immediate stop of any deportations, no matter if from Aachen, the Aachen region or from anywhere else!
* Acccomodation under de-centralized, human conditions. Away with assembly camps and residential obligation!
* No to labour restrictions and the ban to work for those who seek for help, employment for everybody!
* Equal rights for all people: No to any kind of discrimination! Right of permanent residence for all refugees!
* Fighting flight causes, instead of refugees: World-wide against war, poverty and Fortress Europe!

Come to our demonstration:
Saturday, November 2nd
4:00 PM
Aachen Elisenbrunnen

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